Excavator Wood Grapple

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Wood Grapple – The jaw of an excavator rock grab is composed of tines, with one side containing more than the other. The stone grab attachment on the excavator can be used to shift large stones, rocks, and scrap. Due to its sharp tines and cutting edges on the front, the mechanical grab can dig deep into the scrap in order to fully load the inner space of the grapple


Excavator Hydraulic Wood Grapple – Excavator wood/log grapple is an attachment that can make your excavator a whole lot more efficient at transporting materials


  • Long Working Life
  • Hydraulic Rotation
  • Easy Operation
  • Fully adaptable with Excavator
  • High Quality wear Resistant Materials


  • The claw for virtually every application
  • Optional wagon unloading design
  • Allows for rapid load cycles

Available Model

  • All type Excavator

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