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You may already know that rock breakers are commonly known as hydraulic breakers or hydraulic hammers. With so many different names it can get quite confusing at first, but rest assured they are all the same. They are referring to a mounted breaking attachment and different regions call them by different names. Let’s continue reading the blog to choose the right excavator rock breaker that provides ultimate efficiency and functionality.

Everything You Need To Know About Excavator Rock Breaker

As the wiki states, “It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose. Additionally, demolition crews employ the hoe ram for jobs too large for jackhammering or areas where blasting is not possible due to safety or environmental issues.” The unique design of the rock breaker makes it quick and easier to remove rock or concrete with continuous oscillation. You will find many rock breakers in the market that have a strong and steel-made construction. But you can differentiate them depending on their weight, size and usage. Every hydraulic breaker is designed for a specific application where the weight of the head holds the balance and the functionality of the rock breaker. Therefore, the heavier the head, the quicker and more efficient the breaking process. Still not convinced? Here are the other reasons why rock breaker attachments are so popular across lots of industries globally – we have pointed out a few below:
  • You can use hydraulic breakers in all types of major projects. They can tackle any tough jobs ranging from construction sites to road building to home construction.
  • Good quality road breakers fit almost all excavators and brands
  • Much more efficient compared to other machines. Therefore, they can do the task more effectively without getting tired or affected by the weather.
  • You can use it for countless applications and if it stops working, you can replace and repair their parts.
Moreover, the hydraulic breakers reduce the requirement for manual labour. Choose a company that produces top-rated hydraulic hammers that meet the highest of Indian and worldwide standards, ensuring excellent durability and cost-effective maintenance value. You can choose hydraulic rock breakers that have the following qualities:
  • Provides unrivalled performance
  • Comes with a shock-absorbing design
  • High-durability metal with in-built Noise Reduction Technology. The manufacturer uses local Parts and provides Service and Repair
  • Suitable for breaking up roads, pavements, curb construction, demolitions, excavations, groundworks—and more.

How to choose a rock breaker?

 The hydraulic Rock breakers are the oldest attachments for excavators. and diggers. If you want to invest in them, check out the best practices we have provided:
1. You should never attach a breaker on your excavator to break large rocks or boulders. Therefore, it’s necessary to match the breaker to the project to get optimum performance. Moreover, the breaker must meet the rock needs, to ensure efficiency.
2. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all. So to make your job easier, choose the right breaker for the job. The wrong tool will waste your time and money. can add time to your job. Be sure to choose the right type of breaker for the job.
3. Don’t do blank firing. Although hydraulic breakers are stronger than other construction equipment, blank firing can lead to damaging action. Choose hydraulic breakers that have a base with a cushion to protect the unit.
4. To extend the life of the breaker attachment, the breaker is covered by a protective housing. It protects from damage, reduces noise, and prevents dust and debris from entering. It preserves the performance and decreases vibration for more comfort.
If you want further information about excavator rock breakers, take some expert advice. The manufacturers have clear details about the breaker and provide unique solutions to each need.
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